Why is WordPress Such a Popular Platform for New Websites?


WordPress is the most popular choice for blogging or any other website form because around one-third of online websites utilize it as their CMS (content management system).

Is there a particular reason why WP is so widely used?

Becoming the market leader is no easy feat; it requires many strengths that resonate with your target demographic. One of WordPress’ most appealing qualities is that it is open-source software, meaning that the GPL license allows for the source code to be studied, modified, and implemented. 

Because of this, WordPress Development provides plenty of room for developers to work on WP, improve WP, and provide their own free and paid solutions that enable WordPress users and developers in new ways.

What makes WordPress so well-liked?


1. Free and open-source software:

Any one entity does not own the WordPress Development software and community. Anyone fluent in WP core language, PHP, can develop a website or add plugins to extend its functionality. WP is open-source software. As a result, it doesn’t matter where you host it. WordPress.org is a nonprofit set up to spread the word about the WordPress CMS without charging anyone to use it (CMS). To Software Development in India WordPress is most important platform.

Since it is developed in an open-source fashion, WP does not cost anything. The advantages of using a long-standing open-source content management system like WP are substantial. The platform receives regular updates, is adaptable, has been rigorously tested, and is backed by a sizable community that provides unparalleled assistance. In other words, using WP is a cost-effective and reliable option when it comes to building a website.

2. Free of charge add-ons and themes:

The WordPress Development repository includes a wide variety of free templates and add-ons. In truth, WordPress is available as a free download from most Web Development Company in India. When you log into your WP dashboard, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of free themes and more than fifty thousand free plugins.

3. Massive infrastructure:

This one offer various tools and services for building websites compared to other Content Management Systems. WP is so popular that almost anything you could want to do with it—fix, learn, develop, or customize—has almost certainly already been done by someone else.

4. A beginner-friendly CMS is WP:

If this is your first time building a website, learning how to use a content management system (CMS) may seem daunting. You don’t need prior experience or understanding of code to launch a fully functional WP site. As a bonus, the dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a complete novice.

Only let WordPress Development apparent simplicity fool you if you are a newbie. It has tremendous power “behind the hood,” allowing you to alter any and every facet of your site to your liking if you’re technically savvy enough.

5. You Can Do Almost Anything with WP and Its Plugins and Themes:

Even though WordPress itself has several useful features, many websites still need extra plugins or themes to fulfil their needs. The good news is that themes and plugins exist to help you change your site’s appearance and functionality with relative ease. There are thousands of possibilities, the vast majority accessible and free of charge (or surprisingly affordable).

6. Themes = Convenient Layout:

If you’re looking for a platform that gives you more freedom in website design, go no further than WordPress. Themes are pre-made templates that come pre-loaded with the UI elements needed for a specific website. Photography themes, eCommerce WordPress themes, themes for personal blogs, and anything else are all included in these specialized collections.

Multipurpose themes shine in situations like this, so don’t worry. Whether they’re called “multipurpose themes” or “theme frameworks,” these resources are packed with tools and resources to help you build a beautiful website. While they’re most commonly associated with corporate sites, you can use them anywhere.

7. Extensions = Robust Functionality:

It’s the same with plugins; for whatever function you can think of, there’s probably a tool already on the market in the form of a social networking widget, a free discussion forum, or a contact form. Just don’t go overboard with it. Although plugins are fantastic, you will likely only need a couple to achieve the look and functionality you need for your website. Try to eliminate unnecessary plugin installations and unnecessary duplication of features. WooCommerce, for instance, should only be installed if a store is going to be included in the site’s design. Alternatively, commit to using a WordPress page builder if you’re set on using it. Using multiple page builders or other plugins that perform similar functions can cause incompatibilities and ultimately crash your site.

8. You Can Rest Easy with WordPress’ Built-in Protections:

Keeping your website secure is essential, whether a small personal blog or a massive online store. Additionally, updates are distributed regularly to address the most recent security risks.

If you still feel uneasy about your site’s security, you can always install a third-party plugin. Excellent, free choices are available to keep your site secure with little work from you. Taking proactive measures to safeguard your creations is, of course, sound advice. It would help if you took some basic steps to strengthen WordPress Development in Jaipur security on your site because most security breaches result from human error and not the CMS itself.

9. Google loves WordPress sites, and you can thank WP for that:

Assuming you’ve decided to create a website, you may want as many people as possible to check it out. Effective SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the best methods to achieve this goal (along with simply providing excellent content). In layman’s terms, this involves “tweaking” your site so search engines like Google can more readily discover and display it in relevant search results.

WordPress core is also searched engine-friendly out of the box, much like it is secure. To give just one example, WordPress has all the bases covered regarding essential SEO factors like website speed and mobile device compatibility. To expand your possibilities even further, consider using an SEO plugin. If you need further help, a quick search on Google will turn up dozens of tutorials on optimizing WordPress for search engines.

10. WP Has Unparalleled Help:

Building a website is significant, even with a user-friendly content management system like WordPress. That’s especially true if you’ve never attempted it before. As was indicated previously, the WordPress Development user community is broad and active, welcoming people of many experience levels. It’s common to be able to quickly locate resources like manuals, recommendations, and hands-on aid. If you’re having trouble with something or want to learn how to do something, a fast Google search or forum browse should reveal someone with the exact answer you’re seeking for. There isn’t much you can’t accomplish with WP, thanks to the basic functionality and the thousands of accessible themes and plugins that extend the platform.

11. The simplicity of Implementation and Instruction:

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) and the developer’s first option because of how simple it is to pick up and run. WP is easy enough for novices to pick up and start using it immediately. From setting up WordPress to building plugins, a wealth of information is available online.

12. SEO-Friendly:

Not having a website at all is preferable to having one that isn’t search engine optimized (SEO). Websites that don’t make a strong impression online today risk falling behind the competition and losing clients. Competitors will be able to defeat you. However, WordPress Web development in Jaipur is built from the ground up with SEO, so if you’re planning on building a website, consider using it. It’s an effective system for raising your website’s visibility in search results.

WordPress’s code is more readable and straightforward, making it easier for search engine spiders to crawl and index. It’s superior to Google because of its well-thought-out structure, mobile friendliness, and the ability to assign unique Meta tags to each page and post during setup. Expanding your site’s reach by using the WordPress framework is a breeze.

13. Allows for a Plethora of Users:

One of WordPress’s many advantages is that it can have multiple users added simultaneously. It can accommodate several users at once. Since most large firms prefer to delegate website management to their marketing teams, WordPress is the platform of choice. A website owner might delegate some publishing work to others, reducing the load.


In addition to the above, there are several other ways to strengthen your website’s foundation and provide it access to more resources. Nevertheless, many business owners have made the right choice by opting to have their websites built with WordPress. The time has come for you to decide on a savvy and intelligent platform. Can WordPress meet all of your wants and criteria for your business? Please feel free to share your thoughts and get in touch with us if you’d like a quick chat about anything. For your business’s WordPress development needs, we can also assist in finding a suitable candidate. When it comes to WP, a firm can only compete with The One Technologies and its team of expert, full-time WordPress developers.

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