Rakt Daan

Rakt Daan – Project Brief

Although we cannot create blood, we have the ability to donate it. Unfortunately, during times of crisis, finding a suitable donor with a specific blood type can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Tragically, some individuals lose their loved ones due to the inability to locate the necessary blood donor in a timely manner. As a result, it is essential to raise awareness and encourage individuals to donate blood to help address this issue.



Rakt Daan

Rakt-Daan App Features

Rakt-Daan Login
  • Find local blood drives and donation centers quickly and easily
  • Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling
  • Get notified when your blood is on its way to a patient
  • View the results of your mini-physical
  • Receive appointment reminders and special blood shortage alert messages
  • Keep track of total blood donations
  • Stay updated on special promotions
  • Earn badges for special donation milestones
  • Join or create a lifesaving team, recruit other blood donors and view rankings on the Blood Donor Teams Leaderboard

Technologies Used

Rakt Daan 2


React Native



Laravel Development

Rakt Daan

Rakt-Daan is Mobile App Development of Canwinn Foundation to connect the needy with the Blood Donor.

The App has the following main features:-

Convenient Access – Location based search engine to consenting registered blood donors

Anytime, Anywhere – Get a blood donor wherever you need one, whenever you need one.

Quick Hyper local Connect – Find the help or offer to help somebody in your own neighborhood.

Safe & Secure – Maintains complete privacy and confidentiality of members’ personal information.

Modern Technology – Uses proprietary algorithm to match the member’s request to the most eligible blood donor.

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Rakt Daan

The Canwinn Foundation has developed a mobile app called “Rakt Daan” to facilitate the connection between individuals in need of blood and willing blood donors. This app serves as a platform to bridge the gap between those who require blood and those who are willing to donate it. By using this app, individuals in urgent need of blood can easily find donors who are willing to provide the necessary support. The Rakt Daan app is an innovative solution that aims to make the process of finding a blood donor quick and efficient, ultimately saving lives.

The App has the following main features:-

Convenient Access is a location-based search engine designed to connect consenting registered blood donors with those in need of blood donations. This platform allows users to quickly and easily search for blood donors in their vicinity and request donations as needed.

Anywhere, Anytime – Secure a blood donor wherever and whenever you require one.

Quick Hyper local Connect – Looking for a way to connect with people in your local community? Try hyper-local networking! By reaching out to those in your neighborhood, you can find opportunities to both offer and receive help.

Safe & Secure – Ensuring the safety and security of our members is of utmost importance to us. We prioritize maintaining the complete privacy and confidentiality of all personal information shared with us, giving our members peace of mind in knowing their information is always kept safe and secure.

Modern Technology – Modern technology utilizes a proprietary algorithm that helps match a member’s blood donation request with the most suitable and eligible blood donor.

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